Case Study: World’s leading research & advisory company

Our customer provides world-class IT, Marketing, Sales, Legal and Human Resources conferences across every core business area at venues across the world. Providing fast, reliable WiFi access for their staff and the conference attendees is key to their operation.

The Challenge

The conferences take place in many different types of venues across the world and the client needed a bespoke design to allow them to easily deploy their wireless solution in a variety of exhibition halls, quickly, safely and without modification. The solution also needed to be flexible to create excellent wireless coverage and capacity across the venues.

The Solution & Benefits

ISG Technology were approached to design and manufacture a solution to this Wi-Fi conundrum. After reviewing the clients Wi-Fi requirements in detail, ISG’s Professional Services team created a design which suited the client’s needs, this design ensured that the Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) could be easily mounted to a wide variety of lighting trusses without modification, keeping the access points stable and securely mounted whilst ensuring that remote antennas are in the correct orientation for optimum coverage and performance.
In addition to a mounting solution for the access points, ISG’s team also designed and manufactured secure enclosures for the network switches, allowing them to be securely mounted on top of the trusses, therefore providing local PoE (Power over Ethernet) connections to be made to each access point.
To enable all the equipment to be quickly and safely packed up ready for shipment to the next venue we also designed and built a bespoke wheeled flight case which securely contains all access points, enclosures and bracket work, ensuring that all the equipment reaches then next venue in perfect working order!


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