ISG technology has won a major award at the Total Quality Assurance Conference, organized in Sofia by Intertek. The Conference took place on 05-06 April 2017
The award has been given to ISG for the adoption of International standards and continuous quality improvement measures that they have demonstrated throughout the years. ISG were assessed in a number of areas including Quality, Information security and Business continuity by international experts in their field.
The award has been accepted by Svetoslava Elshishka, on behalf of ISG.
Representatives of some of the biggest IT companies in Bulgaria – managers, security and business continuity specialists were the guests and participants in the conference.
Mike Morrison CEO commented “We are delighted to accept this award in recognition of the excellent work and quality focus that we adopt as part of our continuous quest for outstanding client service”
Intertek are a global leader in quality and safety with over 40,000 staff operating across 100 countries.
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