How connected are you with your customers?

Whether shopping online, in your store, or on a mobile device, the retail customer expects the same wealth of information across all channels. Self-service solutions provide the information shoppers want – when and where they want it – to make shopping an engaging experience. Give your customers in-store access to technology so they can find the information they need to make their buying decision.

Customer Engagement

Most of the customers entering your store today are carrying a smartphone, and many of them now want to do more than scanning or price look-ups. From creating a gift registry, finding an online version of the coupon they left at home to getting detailed information about a large, difficult-to-stock item, they want options to connect to your website, access their history and learn about promotions.
Empower your shoppers with integrated applications that enable mobile shopping, product location and price checking, along with self-service options including “extended aisle,” gift registry and self-checkout. Enable your customers to use kiosks, store-provided mobile devices or their smartphone to check prices, get product information or find an associate at the exact moment they want one.
Help shoppers find the products they are looking for and suggest related items which complement their primary purchase. Give customers up-to-date information before they pay with scanning options. Improve buyer satisfaction with smarter merchandising and stocking decisions.

Are you creating memorable shopping experiences?

The most common questions from customers are: Do you have this in another size? Or in another colour? How much does it cost? Are your associates prepared to answer or can your customers use technology in your store to find the answer themselves? Arm your associates with enterprise-class handheld computers with access to product information, enterprise-wide inventory status and the ability to take payment in the aisle. Interactive kiosks let your customer get answers to questions, and guest Wi-Fi keeps them connected in your store. These tools help you create personalised experiences that drive sales and keep customers coming back.

Customer Experience

A customer enters your store. As a loyal customer, she already has your store app on her mobile phone and has opted-in previously to use your guest Wi-Fi. Connecting to her history, you see that she has recently been searching for dresses, jewellery and shoes. You don’t know that she has a wedding to attend next weekend, but you do know how to help her find what she needs and maybe a few things she will want to complete her outfit.
Using beacons, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi together, you can market directly to her. Your targeted messages help her find her way around the store and offer her a deal for today only, while her dwell time alerts you to send an associate to check on her. Your associate uses her mobile computer to check inventory and to order the one item not available in your store – but in a store a few miles away – and have it shipped to arrive in time for the wedding.
Increase sales and customer satisfaction with always up-to-the-second, chain-wide inventory information – whether the merchandise is in the store, in another store, at the warehouse or in transit
Engage shoppers by personalising their experience based on their history and preferences
Drive satisfaction by empowering managers, associates and self-service kiosks to provide immediate assistance Facilitate up-selling and cross-selling with guided selling tools.

Are you giving customers the service level that will keep them loyal to your brand?

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