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These days, having stable and available IT systems is more crucial than ever to your business.
Sit for a moment and consider who depends on your IT every hour of every day; colleagues, customers, suppliers and more.

Imagine if your systems weren’t available for an hour, two hours, a day, a week and potentially more. What would the impact be? Lost customers? Lost sales? Brand damage? Increased costs? Reduced productivity? Stock integrity? The impact will be significant. Why would your business benefit from ISG Total Care?

IT Network Downtime Challenges

  • Reduced productivity
  • Brand reputation damage
  • Loss of customers and sales
  • Stock integrity
  • Increased costs for repair

Your business demands a proactive service. A service that monitors all your IT infrastructure around the clock and manages core systems and proactively delivers critical and security updates. A service that identifies risks and resolves issues before they impact your business. A service that promotes confidence in your customers and colleagues and says that you are “open for business”.
A reactive, response on failure, support agreement is not enough. Its too late. Something has gone wrong and someone, maybe a potential customer, is looking for an alternative option.

IT Network Risks

  • Open to external threats
  • Servers running out of storage
  • Processor hungry applications slowing down systems
  • Loss of critical systems bringing your business to a halt
  • System faults in resilient solutions not being notified until too late

Your IT infrastructure will have, should have, resilience designed into it. This is a tried and tested solution to mitigate against the loss of systems. However, it only works when all components are fully functional. If a resilient path fails, introducing a single point of failure, how will you know? Your systems will continue to work, your colleagues and customers won’t be aware, but the risk profile for an outage has increased. ISG Total Care, if deployed, will identify the failure and our agents will liaise with you to make the necessary repairs to restore full resilience.
Outside of an outage or restoring of resilience, the availability and performance of your IT estate can be impacted by any number of issues from processor utilisation through to capacity levels breached. Identifying such issues, without implementing ISG Total Care, will require an investigation of all the components of your infrastructure to determine the cause and resolve. It may be that the fault “fixes” itself when, for example, a process completes only to return when the process starts again. With strategic threshold limits applied across your infrastructure by ISG Total Care, our agents will identify the cause of the issue and define resolution plans.
There are many reasons why a system will fail, or your colleagues will see a degradation of service. We have established there is a requirement to have a service offering that mitigates these risks and protect your business. With this in mind, how do you select your service partner?

ISG Total Care Solutions
As mentioned already, a reactive service alone is not enough; your business needs a proactive management service as the foundation to meet your support requirements. Your service partner must understand your business and should provide thought leadership not only with support options but the on-going development of your IT systems and networks. Experience gained over the years in the industry will ensure you benefit from the experience gained at the “front-line”. A professional and experienced services and solutions partner with solutions harmonised to your business requirements, successfully integrated, will enhance your brand image.
ISG Total Care, delivered by ISG Technology, is a suite of products that meets all your IT support requirements.
You took a decision to invest in IT to improve your business on many levels – protect that investment with ISG Total Care

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