Engage with ISG Technology now, and test how secure your IT systems are to a malware or ransomware attack.
The ISG Technology Technicians will conduct an in-depth audit, identify vulnerabilities and propose plans to mitigate the risk involved of a ransomware or virus attack.
With viruses, ransomware and security breaches more and more prevalent the need to protect your infrastructure is critical.
When all the security steps proposed have been implemented, ISG will provide on-going support around the clock with ISG Total Care.
ISG Total Care builds confidence; it ensures our customers are secure as can be and take all of the worries away. We apply the latest security patches, firmware, advise, install and monitor anti-virus, firewalls, mail filtering both on-premise and in the cloud. We recommend, install and run web filtering and always ensure our customers have the latest, most effective and up to date, secure versions of security software and OS, minimising any form of attack to our clients.
In addition to the protective tools, we advise on security policies to enforce your workforce adhering to better security measures. Such as forcing regular changes to passwords and use of strong passwords using a mixture of lower case, upper case and numbers.
We can move your non-secure, ageing systems to secure cloud services and work with and manage third party companies and security experts and implement their recommendations.
To be prepared is to ensure you have planned and catered for the worst case scenario should you be hacked. The “What If” question. Disaster planning & recovery starting with the most important and essential “Must do” tasks are routinely performed and will not be forgotten, given you peace and mind that you have all bases covered using ISG Total Care.
Don’t leave it until it’s happened. Act now to avoid business disruption.
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