Total Care Managed Services – Ensuring Business Operation & Continuity

ISG Total Care Managed Services: A no-nonsense, customer-centric response to all your IT and networking needs
It’s a fact that any organisation today needs to be smart about its approach to information technology and networking. It’s your operations bedrock but also your best chance to accelerate innovation and collaboration. But if you can’t (or don’t want) to manage it all yourself, who are you going to work with?
The giants can offer you pretty well anything you like, of course. But that scale comes at a price: you pay top dollar and, worse, you’re a small fish in an ocean of customers. The biggest players need to maintain margins and appease the stock markets; they literally can’t be customer-centric or flexible. We can.
At ISG our proposition is different. We’re big enough to offer a broad range of services and we have excellent references from customers small and big, across vertical sectors. But we’re also compact enough to focus on the unique needs of customers and flexible enough to change our services and our terms and conditions to suit you too.
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We offer helpdesk services, remote management and on-site engineering to identify issues, diagnose them and repair or replace faulty equipment across networks, cabling, desktops, servers and storage. We provide a portfolio of offerings across a broad range of vendors, products and solutions, tailored for your specific needs and underpinned by robust and clear service level agreements with UK-wide, same-day support.
At the heart of our offering is the ISG Service Desk. Available on a full outsourcing basis or as an adjunct to your existing IT support teams, this is the support engine room and it is the facility that allows the IT team to focus on adding value rather than fighting fires. From password resets to software deployments and email administration, it’s a single resource to accommodate all end-user incidents, requests, problems and changes. Priorities, workflows and processes can be adapted to fit your preferences and it’s also available on a white-label basis to channel partners seeking to add to their existing capabilities.
Remote Management
Remote management has evolved over time and today’s tools provide forensic insights to pre-empt problems. ISG agents and applications are configured to alert service desks to take action when components fail and when thresholds, such as storage limits, are breached. Subsequent actions, such as activating the release of more storage space or the replacing of a part, can be agreed (or pre-agreed) with customers.
ISG offers 24/7 network management to maximise uptime and performance. We have specialist expertise in wireless networking and we offer a range of services from survey and design to deployment and management in order to meet coverage, availability and capacity requirements. Security and updates and patches are applied and performance monitored from a central console that provides full visibility for customers. If an access point fails then engineers are dispatched to fix the problem and ISG is licensed and fully equipped to work on equipment installed high up in buildings: perfect for large sites such as retail stores or hospitality spaces. We also have permissions to work in sites with highly sensitive needs including government facilities and public-sector agencies.
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Similarly, ISG’s remote management service covers desktops, servers and storage with patch management, security updates and backup monitoring to ward off threats. And here again, we will respond quickly to alerts generated by a system error or component failure or pre-defined thresholds being breached. And, as with all of our services, we will work happily with named partners or in-house teams to fix complex issues.
Audits & Surveys
Finally, we also offer audits and we are happy to share anonymised data from our wealth of experience to anticipate likely challenges. We think of ourselves as the good guys but don’t ask us. Our customers will tell you that we are easy to work with and we won’t try to give you a hard sell or to provide services that you don’t need. If you have unusual needs (operating hours, locations and so on) we can almost certainly help.

  • 24×7 ISO Accredited Network Operations Centre
  • Service Desk (1st, 2nd & 3rd Line)
  • Remote Network Management
  • Active Network Monitoring
  • Audit & Discovery Services
  • Hardware Break-Fix Maintenance
  • Working at Height WiFi support

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