Engage More Customers, Deliver Better Business Results

Detect mobile devices and engage users with targeted, personalised information so you can:
Understand customer behaviour and capitalise on it with analytics such as dwell times, high traffic zones, and heat maps.
Build new ad revenue through third-party mobile advertising opportunities
Acquire new customers and retain existing ones by providing more engaging experiences at your venue.
Increase revenue by providing visitors with content and promotional offers that match their preferences and location.
Improve customer experiences by simplifying mobile guest connectivity.
Here are some ways diverse industries are using technology solutions to capitalise on the 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices and connections expected by 2019.
Hospitals help patients and visitors navigate to the right clinic on time and show them nearby services they can use.
Educational institutions personalise the learning experience and issue location-based safety alerts directly to student smartphones.
Airports help travellers find departure gates quickly and provide itinerary updates.
Retailers help shoppers find products, compare prices, and learn about relevant in-store promotions.
Hotels provide Wi-Fi to guests and share information on nearby amenities and services. They might even create a “virtual concierge” app for visitor phones.
The solution can be deployed as either an on-premises or a cloud-based solution.

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