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Retail IT Solutions by ISG Technology

Retail Network Design, Network Infrastructure and Deployment

The Connected Retail Store

How ISG Technology can connect your retail outlet.

ISG Technology Retail Store Services comprise the network design, infrastructure deployment and IT management of retail store technology.

Consumers now demand a seamless shopping journey in which the web, mobile channels and physical stores overlap.

Whether shopping online, in store, or on a mobile device, customers expect access to the same wealth of information and a consistent experience across all channels.

Social media, mobile applications and devices are directly impacting retail marketing and sales and forcing companies to find new and more effective ways of reaching and retaining customers. Retailers are investing in in-store navigation capabilities.

 In addition to the opportunity to better understand shopping habits, this technology is incredibly powerful as it enables the retailer to engage with shoppers just moments before potentially making a purchase.

They must be prepared to enter a new phase of mass personalisation. Stores have struggled to replicate the level of personalisation that can be found online. However, recent advances in beacon technology mean that targeted, real-time offers are now a reality.

The combination of shopper enthusiasm and technological capability means that stores should be looking to take personalisation to new heights, driving both customer loyalty and spend.

The Power of Retail Technology

The retail market is now heavily influenced by technology.

Check out this survey which shows the top challenges for retail organisations and how technology plays a huge role in addressing current business needs.

ISG Technology Retail Store Services comprise the design, deployment and long-term support and management of retail store technology. We can provide every aspect of technology deployment for stores, warehouses and offices; new builds, refits or refurbishments.

Case Study: One of the world’s largest retailers – IT Retail Services

Case Study: One of the world’s largest retailers – IT Retail Services

IT Retail Services & Solutions for one of the world’s largest retailers
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Network Solutions

Retail is the rapid and continuing convergence of digital and physical channels. Channels merge into a single, seamless, branded shopping experience for the new shopper generations with very little patience and huge expectations.


In today’s connected world, competitors are far more visible, so retaining customers is just as important as gaining new ones, even in the business-to-business world. Digitalisation and analytics are the answers to staying ahead of the curve.


Traditional endpoint security has failed to keep up with today’s threats and is exposing organisations to unacceptable levels of risk. Concerns over privacy and security must be addressed. It’s time for smarter, next-generation malware prevention to replace traditional defences.

“ISG Retail Store Services (RSS) comprise the design, deployment and long-term support and management of virtually any retail store technology”

Some examples of our Retail Store Service successes:

Supermarket – 12,000 APs over 2,200 outlets and ongoing support with 500+ new surveys
Fashion chain – over 3,000 Meraki APs to 550 UK & Ireland stores in less than 6 months
Retail – circa 300 Meraki APs to 200 stores in 6 weeks.


Network Infrastructure consultancy and design providing the right technology solutions for your business.


Planning and implementation services with large scale rapid deployment capability across UK and Europe.


24/7 Remote network monitoring, support, systems maintenance and UK wide break-fix services.



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