Car dealerships – 5 tips to increase sales and gain customer loyalty
The journey customers go through when purchasing cars today has drastically changed. In the past, they would visit multiple dealerships to see the products and deals available in order to make a decision.
Now the customer will go through hours of online research first to the right dealership offering the right feel, the right values and with great customer feedback.
Then once you have the customer at your showroom, this is the opportunity to provide a great experience to help close the deal. When talking about great customer experience, these are the services you should be delivering to get customers to your showroom and make sure you close that sale.

  1. Make sure your website is engaging

When you have an engaging and interactive website, customers will be willing to share their details so you can benefit from understanding their preferences and will be able to personalise their journey and direct them to the most suitable product to help close the deal.
Shout about previous customers great experiences, may modern, tech-savvy buyers will simply not look at any business which is not rated at least 4 out of 5 on average review scores!

  1. Benefit from Customer Analytics

As the consumer arrives on site, CRM technology linked to WiFi and Bluetooth on-site beaconing will allow the dealership to detect which points in the buying journey have already been completed and which of your other showrooms the same client has visited so staff can tailor their approach and provide a seamless experience.
Existing customers will also be receptive to targeted messages designed to encourage purchasing the latest model or benefiting from special offers for new cars, services and test drives of newer models as well as notifications when their vehicle needs an oil change, new tires, or other maintenance.

  1. Campus Wide Mobility

Wherever the customers are on-site they expect to be able to get access to data; this could be via their own device using the WiFi network or via sales staff using iPads to show stock levels, colour options, video content, car configurators, etc.
Therefore the importance of high-speed resilient WiFi with full internal and external coverage and seamless roaming is key!

       4. Guest Wi-Fi & Hot Desking
Encourage service clients to wait in the showroom while their vehicle is being serviced or inspected, not only providing business class guest WiFi services throughout the site but providing a screened hot desk environment to allow them to set up as if they were at their office, with tea, coffee and printing facilities.
Cost savings on courtesy cars, collection and drop off services provides the return on the investment before you take into account the additional exposure to the brand and therefore upsell opportunities.

  1. Virtual Reality Test-driving facilities

Let’s face it; technology is moving at such a rate that today’s virtual reality experience will be standard practise tomorrow! Being able to have a virtual test drive of cars which are not onsite/in stock, Being able to see in virtual reality the exact car you have just configured prior to committing to buy. Being able to see a real-time view of car stock from other group branches will soon be a standard feature of successful brands.
Having the network capacity to deal with the high demands these solutions require is key when looking at the IT infrastructure standards for your business, installing the right platform now will remove future barriers to growth!
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