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Losing your primary broadband Connection is not just an inconvenience,            it can cost your business real money!

Credit and debit card sales make up a majority of customer transactions for retail and quick service restaurants. A secure connection to a card processor is required to validate a card in real time.

If the network goes down, stores can’t accept cards…losing sales. Example; if a fibre connection is damaged during road repairs it could knock out your store’s internet connection.

But, ISG Technology utilising EN™ routers from Encore Networks can design, deploy and manage a 3G/4G cellular back-up solution to your existing connections keeping your business up and running.

EN™ routers also support VRRP. ISG can go to stores that have a broadband connection to an existing router, and seamlessly add cellular support to provide backup. VRRP enables the Encore router and the existing router to operate as a single router and switch automatically from traditional to LTE whenever there is a loss of connectivity.

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