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Quick Service Restaurants Solutions

The Quick Service Restaurant customer has become far more tech savvy and selective of the foods and locations they might like to frequent. The digital transformation of quick service restaurants integrates mobile ordering with a brand’s loyalty programs, lets customers customise orders, offers payment via mobile platforms and saves a consumer’s favourite items to personalise the customer’s experience.

Technology is the most consistent and opportunistic method of engaging with their customers on a daily even hourly basis. As important as offering a secure, robust solution is, so is creating an in-store experience that encourages customers to linger and returning to the counter to purchase more menu items. To continue to drive growth in the market, Quick Service Restaurant’s need to maintain customer loyalty whilst also managing and improving the overall customer experience.

Utilising analytics tools will help better understand what keeps customers coming back and integrate the online and offline experience through real-time communications at store-level plus letting customers order and pay for a meal with their mobile devices. To do this Quick Service Restaurant organisations are leveraging more from their legacy needed and new technology than ever before.

Our experienced and expert installation engineers are helping to bring outlets up to the latest technology levels to adapt to the level of customer services expectations, as well as technology that will help reduce waste, improve efficiency, and help deliver the essential point for companies like KFC, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s, and others.

Network Solutions

The tech savvy customer wants to have options and services made readily available. Customer experience is becoming all the more important to the fast food industry and only runs second to food choice when it comes to customer QSR selection.


Mobile solutions are allowing Quick Service Restaurants the opportunity to interact with customers more frequently than ever before, improving revenue opportunities whist also helping to reduce the overall operational costs.


A secure and robust technology solution is essential to create the online experience and mobile payments to fulfil the customer expectations and avoid any disruption that could affect the business’ profitability.

“ISG Technology delivered a successful PoS replacement implementation across 54 sites in the UK over a six-month project schedule. The key to their success was through communication combined with excellent on site service delivery.” KFC – Yum! Restaurants International.

Some examples of our QSR Service successes:

KFC – Tech Refresh 2016 has seen ISG complete 43 sites in phase 1 and moving on to complete 139 sites for phase 2 in the new year.
QSR Chain – end-to-end management of their new technology deployment to all their stores: staging, project management, installation and sign-off to all UK stores


Network Infrastructure consultancy and design providing the right technology solutions for your business.


Planning and implementation services with large scale rapid deployment capability across UK and Europe.


24/7 Remote network monitoring, support, systems maintenance and UK wide break-fix services.



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Case Study: KFC

Case Study: KFC

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