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Don't forget Granny{e1e32d2c-622f-4e84-bcf2-a52a8b11c51b}Don't forget Granny\prod_spadmin​Phase 2 of the Internship program successfully finished at the end of August. All program objectives were met: <ul><li>Identify and attract talented and ambitious young people at a very early stage</li><li>Provide flexible employment for young University students and opportunity for an early career start</li><li>Support the Universities in bridging education and business</li><li>Contribute to society by providing on-the-job training and development for the young generation</li></ul> ​Four university students were working with ISG for 3 months, 2 of them in the Service Desks and 2 in the Software Development department. The feedback from the students about the program is consistently positive in assessing the training, challenge of tasks, work on real projects, mentorship and teamwork. We offered the position of Junior Software Developer to one of the students and he joins us on an employment contract. Another employment option for a 1<sup>st</sup> ​level agent was also considered, but put on hold due to the organisational restructuring of the Service Desks.​ Bravington<h1>​And the winner is... Chris Twomey of Peaks & Plains Housing Trust. </h1><p> </p><p> <img alt="news-ipad-winner.jpg" src="/why-isg/news/PublishingImages/Pages/and-the-winner-is/news-ipad-winner.jpg" style="margin:5px 0px 5px 5px;float:right;" />Chris - Assistant Director of Housing at Peaks and Plains Housing Trust - was the winner of an Apple iPad at the ISG Housing Technology Seminar during the CIH Housing exhibition in Manchester on 25<sup>th</sup> June.  The tablet was presented by Sue Cudmore, Head of Direct Sales at ISG.</p><p>The seminar took place on 25<sup>th</sup> June at the Radisson Edwardian Blu in Manchester and was attended by Senior Executives of Housing Trusts from around the UK.</p><p>Peter Fitzhenry, head of Housing for Golden Gates Housing Trust, gave an excellent experience-based presentation outlining the business challenges faced by his Trust. These include the need to provide better services to Tenants while minimising operation costs – at a time when all Trusts need to respond to the challenges presented by the Government's Universal Credit. A significant redeployment of capital was a key objective that the Trust has been able to achieve by implementing a selection of technologies to deliver efficiency, improve collaboration, support mobile working and enable tenants to access services on-line. </p><p>Fitzhenry described the exceptional Return on Investment (RoI) the Trust has achieved with savings of over £750K in the first year and ongoing operational savings of 29% per annum.</p><p>More information about the seminar, including Peter's presentation can be found <a href="/why-isg/news/Pages/isg-partners-with-footprint-solutions-to-sponsor-making-commercial-applications-work-in-the-housing-sector.aspx">here</a></p> Bravington;isg-kemsing\prod_spadmin<h1>​​​Digital exclusion costing UK economy £63Bn each year   </h1><p> </p><p>Not many surprises from the May statistics from the ONS that underpin this assessment of what to do about 'the other 13%' - but we'd be interested to meet any of the 16 to 24 year olds that have never been online.  The only major bodies trying to make a dent in social exclusion are Housing Trusts. </p><ul><li>6.4 million adults (13%) had never used the Internet, falling by 659,000 since Q1 2013</li><li>44.6 million adults (87%) in the UK had used the Internet in Q1 2014, an increase of 1.1 million since Q1 2013</li><li>Almost all (99%) 16 to 24 year olds had used the Internet, compared with 37% of adults aged 75 years and over</li><li>Men (89%) were more likely to be Internet users than women (85%)</li><li>London had the highest proportion of Internet users (90%); Northern Ireland the lowest (79%)</li></ul><p>Full article: <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;"></span></a> </p>