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A practical approach for Cloud Transition – through Quality Managed Services{e1e32d2c-622f-4e84-bcf2-a52a8b11c51b}A practical approach for Cloud Transition – through Quality Managed Services Bravington<h1>ISG complete Golden Gates Housing Trust Transition</h1><p>This week (April 8th) Golden Gates Housing Trust moves into its new Bank Park House offices in Warrington. The move was planned and executed by ISG Project Management team who handled everything from the removal logistics to the IT infrastructure and communications transition. ISG is one of GGHT's key technology partners and has developed the Trust's innovative SharePoint tenant portal, which will help the 'Not for Profit' organisation save hundreds of thousands of pounds from its support services through automation.</p><p>Since GGHT was created by tenant vote in 2010, the organisation has grown rapidly beyond their existing head office facility and needed new premises to bring together all the staff from varous remote sites. The Trust went out to tender for a partner who could take care of all aspects of the transition. On winning the contract, ISG worked with GGHT on detailed joint planning sessions and conducted on-site technical audits of the existing infrastructure. The result of the investigation identified a transition roadmap which included a number of important stabilisation and safety tasks to be completed before the move could take place.</p><p>GGHT is investing over half a billion pounds in its community of over 8,000 houses over the coming 30 years. This includes housing improvements and community security improvements, and a whole range of tenant services such as over 60s health checks, new tenant financial literacy service, pension advisory services, a vulnerable tenants support service and an energy affinity service offering insulation and low cost gas and electricity for customers.</p> <p>As part of the formal opening ceremony at Bank Park House on 16th May a time capsule will be buried for 30 years, running parallel with the Trust's 30 year investment programme.</p><p>ISG will be inviting Housing Trust and Association leaders to meet during the CIH Housing exhibition in Manchester 24th - 26th June, and will be demonstrating its comprehensive Housing Management application. </p> Bravington<h1>ISG supports COBCOE's 'Make Europe Work!'</h1><p>On the 9 April, ISG’s CEO, Mike Morrison, attended COBCOE’s AGM for ‘Make Europe Work!’, an initiative to raise awareness of the opportunities for trade and investment across Europe.</p><p>The ‘Make Europe Work!’ campaign was launched last year by COBCOE to demonstrate that Europe can deliver real benefit and value to British Exporters and investors.</p><p>The recent news is looking good for UK business links with Europe, the Telegraph reported this week that <a href="" target="_blank">UK service sector exports hit all-time high</a> and many UK businesses have offices in European countries, and ISG is one of them.</p><p>Mike Morrison, CEO said:</p><p>“We fully support and believe in the drive to 'Make Europe Work'. At ISG we have fully embraced this concept and belief and opened our European Support Centre in Southern Europe in 2008. We are one single unified team, albeit that we operate from multiple locations thousands of km apart and the consistent feedback from our Customers over the past 6 years has been excellent. Taking a 'European' approach to our business has significantly strengthened ISG and allowed us to be very competitive whilst providing great services and great quality to our Customers." </p>\prod_spadmin<h1>​​​​​​​​Windows XP - Goodbye</h1> <p>The scheduled end of support <span style="line-height:25.600000381469727px;">(EO</span><span style="line-height:25.600000381469727px;">S) f</span>or Microsoft's XP was announced 7 years ago and happens today – 8th April. The sky won’t fall in, but enterprises dependent on this O/S do need to act as the security risk to XP will steadily increase.</p><p>Read the blog by Rob Ferrari, CTO of ISG, to find out more: <a href="/why-isg/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=9"></a></p>