Our Customers


We hope it's clear that ISG has a wide range of customers – from schools and universities to global fast-food chains, Public Services such as Her Majesty's Prisons and the Courts, and 'Not for Profit' Housing Associations to International technology vendors.

We know we provide a special service to each client: comprehensive, highly-skilled, personal and one step ahead of the game. We haven't imagined this! Quotations in our case studies show the kind of valued relationships we have with these customers.

In a nutshell, this is what we have to offer:

  • A long-term mutually beneficial relationship
  • Exceptionally skilled experts and professionals you can talk to directly
  • People who will genuinely understand your business
  • People who are driven by identifying and delivering benefits for your business
  • A customised solution: the best fit
  • A transitional approach – we will work with you to define the roadmap and commit to delivering it
  • A responsive and flexible approach – change changes everything so we're comfortable re-planning with you as demand and circumstances change
  • Key services of the highest quality at a cost lower by <> 25%